Flexible Fun: How Kids’ Bedrooms Can Change as They Do

In 2024, chic kids’ rooms reflect all the magic of childhood while also leaving plenty of room for growth and change. The latest trends in room design for kids meet a child’s current needs while staying flexible enough to change as they grow and evolve. The builders at Silo Mills, a beautiful master-planned community outside of Fort Worth, are receptive to a family’s changing needs - right down to the youngest members.

A child’s room should be viewed as a microcosm of their world and can be made playful and fun without becoming too childish.

Less is More

Young children need space to play. By keeping décor simple and the furnishings minimalist, a child’s imagination has room to grow.

Since babies and toddlers spend much of their time on the floor, it’s important to choose a rug with a soft surface. Hooked cotton, hooked wool, and hand-knotted wool are all good quality choices for an upscale-looking nursery. When it comes to bedding, washability is key. The rule of thumb says if it needs to be dry-cleaned, it might not belong in a child’s room.

Color My World

Traditionally blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Many still go that route, but instead of on the walls, use these colors as accents, not as focal points. This keeps design elements fresh and modern.

With longer-term flexibility in mind, walls work best in neutral colors, earth tones, and softer hues. If you want to include brighter colors, use them on a closet, accent wall, or door. According to Antares Homes, one of the three premier builders at Silo Mills, using paint or other temporary products provides added flexibility when it comes time to change the look of the room.

Putting the Fun in Functional Furniture

Organization is a kid’s best friend, particularly for prized collections like rocks, shells, or action figures. Choose furnishings that do double duty by adding built-in storage components.

Other functional storage ideas are drawer inserts, canvas cubes, and adjustable shelving. Creative, hip storage solutions include colorful pegboards for arts and crafts supplies and space-saving storage ottomans.

Nontraditional beds are a cool addition to any upscale kid’s room. Designers suggest daybeds that double as sofas or trundle beds that can morph into a full mattress as a child gets older. Loft beds are ideal for a child’s bedroom since they have space for a fort underneath them. If you’ve ever built a fort out of bed sheets when you were a kid then you understand that forts are a physical extension of a child’s imagination and creativity, often housing their most cherished possessions. Don’t forget the flashlight!

Want something special? The builders at Silo Mills are always available to consult on custom design elements that can stand up to the test of time. For example, it’s easy to encourage a child’s interest in books by creating a cozy reading nook. Ask the folks at Bloomfield Homes. They give back to the community by sponsoring library reading programs to encourage early literacy.

Better Safe than Sorry

Many accidents in the home are preventable. To safeguard a child’s room, anchor furniture like wardrobes and bookshelves to the wall. Instead of long curtains, choose cordless roller blinds and avoid placing furniture under windows to prevent climbing hazards.

Doorstops protect little fingers from being injured and rubber linings under rugs can prevent slips and falls. Most children need a nightlight to give them a feeling of security, letting them fall asleep but also find their way for nighttime bathroom breaks.

Eco-Friendly Kids

The current design trend toward making homes eco-friendly extends to a child’s bedroom. When shopping for décor, look for furnishings that can be repurposed or reused later. When purchasing products, look for ones that can be recycled if necessary.

Bring in a natural element by using natural wallpaper and wood finishes. Add kid-friendly plants that are low maintenance, like snake plants” or Pothos. In fact, kids can learn how to care for their plants – and the planet by extension – all by themselves. Other eco-friendly kid room pieces include organic cotton bedding, natural flooring like cork or bamboo, and energy-efficient lighting.

What’s the Plan?

Chesmar Homes encourages families to explore all of their options when it comes to building a new home. For example, families with younger children may desire a single-story, open-concept floor plan. The ability to have everyone on the same level is convenient and lends itself to greater family connectivity.  Single-story homes also encourage more outdoor living options.

Two-story floor plans can easily be made into dedicated spaces – like playrooms or offices - that can change over time. The trend towards multigenerational homes continues to grow and can be built into the front end when designing a new home.

Come For a Visit, Plan to Stay

If a child’s bedroom becomes a reflection of their unique personality, the same can be said for the community where a family chooses to live. Why not plan a visit and bring the kids? Young and old alike will delight in the upscale amenities, natural surroundings, and welcoming atmosphere awaiting them at Silo Mills. Click here to schedule a time to visit this family-friendly community, just 30-minutes from downtown Fort Worth.